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Morvarid hamoon Producing Company (Corporation) Date: 9/18/2002 Established by family, town and Registration Office Companies and Industrial Ownership province has been registered.

Transfer the right to terminate a contract Mbayh the detergent industry, the management company, has signed on 4/4/2006 Shahraki family and eventually performed on 7/17/2007 definitive purchase documents and registration of shares traded, delivery, development and the board of directors and the CEO has been registered on 7/18/2007. The company has assets of two billion rials based on the extraordinary general assembly approved the company's capital 6/16/2009 Score 14/8 divided into fourteen million eight hundred thousand billion Rials Rials share of adult and Score based on the extraordinary general assembly approved the company's capital during the financial year reported 3/8/2010 Chharmylyard Rials divided into four million shares was reduced to a thousand local.

Subject to article 3 of the company's activity and the production of detergents, cleaners, hygiene products and cosmetics, productive work and domestic and foreign trade, investment, export and trading operations of any kind directly or indirectly related to the topic the company is.

The main aim of increasing productivity and production of liquid dish washing detergent powders, bleach, floor washing, mass-consuming to meet the export needs of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Persian Gulf countries and also the cost of supplying the south and the North East and South East the country.

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